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I'm a goody-two-shoe weirdo living in Sweden with my two cats and the first man I ever kissed. Most days I feel like a eighty year old woman trapped in a twenty five year old body. My heart beats for old stuff. Stuff your granny probably likes. Wanna be my friend?

Thank you! No seriously thank you! I’d much rather get praise for being happy with myself, in my own body, then for the actual weight loss. Because I’ve worked SO much harder to find the love for myself then anything else. 

I will fight every self doubting feeling and thought so that I wont revert back. Yeah I got me some bat wings, I got saggy tits and a whole lot of lose skin on my tummy thats flabs all over the place. And yeah I could gain some weight to fill that skin up with something, to maybe make my body more esthetically pleasing. But then I would just fine something else thats “wrong” with my body. You just gotta love the one you have right now and then try and make it FEEL better. And be kind to it. 



A side note for people losing a lot of weight! You will get lose skin. And you will struggle to recognize yourself in the mirror. Just be prepared for it. And I would suggest talking to someone trough the weight loss, whether it’s just a friend or a professional. I think that made a huge difference in my weight loss.

(I went and talked to a nurse, specialized in eating disorders (she mostly worked with anorectic people, but eating disorders are more alike then you would think), once a week. Today I look at her kind of like a fairy good mother. She really helped me on my journey.)

Maybe I should take another full body picture of myself? Lost more weight since that last one. Thank to nothing but my “new” job. Who knew being a barista would be so physical?!

Wwhaaaaaat’s going on?! My picture, of me in my old jeans, has almost 5600 notes! Thanks guys! I guess. Wow!

You know what?! Next summer I’m buying a bikini! That’s right! I’m going to let all of my loveliness hang out! I’ve worked hard to lose all of that weight. Why should I be insecure about the loose skin on my stomach, arms, legs and breast?! I love my body!!! Anyone who doesn’t like it can kiss my saggy butt!

Just stepped on the scale this morning. (I don’t weigh myself that often anymore) And apparently I’ve lost almost 6 lbs since I’ve started working. I guess all that running around, allways on your feet, helps. I’ve been feeling kind of bad for not finding the time to go out jogging. Don’t think I need to feel that bad. But I will be buying a treadmill in the future! Then I wont have any excuses. Plus it’s getting too cold outside. Really don’t like jogging in the cold. 

Oh and "Hello!" to all fit people! (I guess my photo started to circle around again.)

I’m once again sorry I’m not a fitspo blog. But I do hope you stick around.


Naaw! Thank you for putting in the effort to google translating it <3

I was thinking about making a fitspo blog but with my new job I’m having enough trouble getting enough time in to updating this, my personal blog. Maybe in the future when I get the hang of this working thing. Until then I’m gonna try and blog the hell out of this blog.


When someone says avocado is too fatty:

When someone says fruit has too much sugar:

When someone says peanut butter has too much fat:

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Just got back from jogging. I’m getting better and better. I could jog much longer today, before I had to slow things down. I’m so happy! I’ve never jogged before! It’s a huge milestone for me. And thank you to andbeawesomeinstead for the tip about “singing” while I jog. It really helped!

andbeawesomeinstead replied to your post: Jogging tips needed!

I sing when I jog. It helps keep an even air flow so that I don’t breathe heavy from the get go. Not out loud, but just mouthing the words helps.

I like this idea! Will definitely try this tomorrow! Thank you! ^^