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I'm a goody-two-shoe weirdo living in Sweden with my two cats and the first man I ever kissed. Most days I feel like a eighty year old woman trapped in a twenty three year old body. My heart beats for old stuff. Stuff your granny probably likes. Wanna be my friend?

Thank you! No seriously thank you! I’d much rather get praise for being happy with myself, in my own body, then for the actual weight loss. Because I’ve worked SO much harder to find the love for myself then anything else. 

I will fight every self doubting feeling and thought so that I wont revert back. Yeah I got me some bat wings, I got saggy tits and a whole lot of lose skin on my tummy thats flabs all over the place. And yeah I could gain some weight to fill that skin up with something, to maybe make my body more esthetically pleasing. But then I would just fine something else thats “wrong” with my body. You just gotta love the one you have right now and then try and make it FEEL better. And be kind to it. 



A side note for people losing a lot of weight! You will get lose skin. And you will struggle to recognize yourself in the mirror. Just be prepared for it. And I would suggest talking to someone trough the weight loss, whether it’s just a friend or a professional. I think that made a huge difference in my weight loss.

(I went and talked to a nurse, specialized in eating disorders (she mostly worked with anorectic people, but eating disorders are more alike then you would think), once a week. Today I look at her kind of like a fairy good mother. She really helped me on my journey.)

Maybe I should take another full body picture of myself? Lost more weight since that last one. Thank to nothing but my “new” job. Who knew being a barista would be so physical?!

It’s new year’s eve and I’m in the most terrible mood! Fuck! Please don’t let this be how the new year starts out for me. It’s suppose to be the most awesome year! I have a new job! I have boyfriend! We’re moving next year! We’re planning on starting a family next year! Oh I just wish I could spill my guts out and tell you guys why my mood is so terrible. But I’m afraid I’ll get in trouble..at work.

Oh why won’t you try and cheer me up?

Some idiot haven’t put a password on their wifi. So thanks I guess! Free Internet at grandma and grandpa’s house!

Next Christmas I really, really, want to spent with boyfriend. I miss him terribly! I kind of wish we could go up north to a cabin in the mountains and get all snowed in. Just us two. Well maybe the cats also. Just watch christmas movies, eat yummy food, sit in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and not care for anything but each other.

I’m sick and tired of my family not appreciating christmas, not appreciating the food, not appreciating the gifts and really, really, getting on my nerves.

I really do want to spend Christmas with the one person I love the most in the whole wide world.

I’m off to visit my grandparents for Christmas. It’s going to take two planes for a combined two hours, to travel all the way up to the north of Sweden. Back home, where I grew up.

I won’t be anywhere near any Internet for the next couple of days so I just wanted to wish all of my followers a very Merry Chirstmas!

Sorry I haven’t posted in forever. Been very busy at work. And it’s christmas time! So I’ve been out shopping for presents and decorating and baking when I haven’t been working. But tonight I drank a hell lot of coffee at work, so I can’t sleep. So heeellooo Tumblr!

happilyconfused replied to your post: Obama 2012-2016

I noticed this is an interesting view from the international people I know. It was scary for you all, but scarier here thinking that it really could have happened.

I can’t even imagine living in a country were someone like Romney had the power. Though a right extreme party worked their way into our government last election, (not getting enough votes though to have any say (pew!)) wish was scary enough for me!

It’s hard for us “outsiders” because we can’t do anything about it. We can’t vote! That’s why it’s so important for everyone in America to vote! Not just for themselves but for all of us. America, whether you like it or not, have an enormous amount of power in the word. So your election effects all of us. Even me, living in itty bitty Sweden.

Isn’t it just a tiny bit weird that all around the world we all are turning our eyes on U.S? I live all the way up in Sweden and the first thing I did when I woke up this morning was to turn on the tv to find out that Obama won the election. (If I didn’t have to work today I would have stayed up all night) 

And I let out a sigh of relief.

It wasn’t just a big sigh of relief for U.S.A. It was a huge sigh of relief for the word! You just can’t give people like Romney that much power.

So congratulation America! We all thank you for voting for Obama!

You know what?! Next summer I’m buying a bikini! That’s right! I’m going to let all of my loveliness hang out! I’ve worked hard to lose all of that weight. Why should I be insecure about the loose skin on my stomach, arms, legs and breast?! I love my body!!! Anyone who doesn’t like it can kiss my saggy butt!

Just stepped on the scale this morning. (I don’t weigh myself that often anymore) And apparently I’ve lost almost 6 lbs since I’ve started working. I guess all that running around, allways on your feet, helps. I’ve been feeling kind of bad for not finding the time to go out jogging. Don’t think I need to feel that bad. But I will be buying a treadmill in the future! Then I wont have any excuses. Plus it’s getting too cold outside. Really don’t like jogging in the cold. 

I had no idea that you could get sore muscles in your hands. Well now I know. It’s probably from all of the milk package opening and milk frothing. Working at a coffee shop is apparently hard on your hands. And of course your feet. There’s no time to sit down. I’m running around for at least five hours straight. But I do love my job. Took up some extra shifts. Working all weekend. Which is fine by me because that means some extra cash in the bank. Going to try and work my but of in November so that I have some extra money coming December. Everyone knows December is hard on the wallet.

Oh and "Hello!" to all fit people! (I guess my photo started to circle around again.)

I’m once again sorry I’m not a fitspo blog. But I do hope you stick around.

I’ve been working hard these last couple of weeks. Got me a few extra hours. More money in the wallet. It’s been kind of stressful but I do love it. Getting the hang of things.

Oh and I got the time for my barista education. I’ll be a barista at the end of next mouth! Can’t wait!