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I'm a goody-two-shoe weirdo living in Sweden with my two cats and the first man I ever kissed. Most days I feel like a eighty year old woman trapped in a twenty three year old body. My heart beats for old stuff. Stuff your granny probably likes. Wanna be my friend?

I sucked at the interview! It was a group interview. Enough said. No but there were three girls who talked constantly and I didn’t want to interrupt then because that would have made me look like a rude person. Maybe that would have been better than what I ended up doing. Which was not saying much. It’s not that I’m shy or can’t talk my lungs out! It’s just that I don’t have the need to stand in the spotlight all the time. If someone else wants the light, I give it to them. Which today wasn’t very affective. Dammit! Why do I have to be so damn polite?!! I just want to cry and eat chocolate right now.

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