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I'm a goody-two-shoe weirdo living in Sweden with my two cats and the first man I ever kissed. Most days I feel like a eighty year old woman trapped in a twenty three year old body. My heart beats for old stuff. Stuff your granny probably likes. Wanna be my friend?

Still sick. Warm weather plus fever equals me melting. But having the oven on probably doesn’t help. I’m bad at being sick. It’s too boring. Never mind me being the most lazy person in the world in normal case. Me and boyfriend are invited to his aunts house tomorrow along with his parents. So as usual I couldn’t resist baking. Something simple this time. A lemon cake baked with greek yogurt and with a lemony syrup drizzled on top so the cake gets all moist and dangerously tasty.

And no. I don’t taste my own baking.

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